BIGFOOT bounty wrap up and summer ahead

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Spring is just around the corner for me that means lots of fishing and turkey hunting and waiting for the snow to melt in the sierras but mostly fishing.

As Bigfoot bounty is starting to wrap up I wanted to make sure I said THANK YOU ALL for watching the show!! It was a huge success. I hope you guys liked the show and understood it was for entertainment………. Not everything was ”100%” serious. We had fun making it and I hope that you all can see that.

Once the snow melts (that won’t take long at this rate) its back to bigfooting in the high sierras. I anticipate spending most of the summer in the high country above 7000 ft looking for proof there is a large ape living in North America. With California experiencing its worst drought in 500 years the animals will have new trails new patterns and new places to hide.

In the past once we found the largest concentration of animals at migrating altitudes that is usually also where the bigfoots were hanging out. Common hunting sense ”find the ripest berries and you’ll find a huge concentration of nomadic foraging bears” and in CA migrating deer are always close behind. I’ve always felt like their was a direct correlation between deer, elk, bear and bigfoot. Its easy to make the argument for bigfoots correlation with ungulates, making the argument for bears is probably its own chapter.   Regardless regular animals will become more predictable once we find them because of their dependance on water. Bigfoots should be the same way.

I got a lot of emails asking me ”Hey Justin how did you get hooked up with Ro anyways???? Did you pick Ro? Did he pick you? Well Ro called me one day and said hey go over shawns house for a Skype interview with SPIKE tv lets do a tv show, i said ”Sure, lets do it”. Now we are here….

I’m 100% happy I ended up with RO as a partner to do a movie with and bigfoot bounty and hang out with for the last few summers. I wouldn’t change anything about it. No regrets and I feel its worked out good for both of us. ANYWAYS no homo…

We will continue to do our thing, we are both moving onto other projects this summer. He will make movies and I’ll continue to chase animals. Sometimes we will do that together.



3 bigfoots caught on film

In 2012 we finally got close to the proof we had been looking for. Many return trips to the site have been made to try to find evidence to support my claim of shooting 2 bigfoots in october of 2010. Well shit hit the fan one night and thanks to lead investigator Bart Cutino we were able to capture 3 sasquatches on film. Here is the break down. Its well worth the watch to understand what really went down that night. 

Dead Bigfoot the movie



Well it is finally here. The long awaited movie from director Ro Sahebi thats details the encounter I had in the eastern Sierras while bear hunting with a friend.  I am very proud of how this turned out. I felt like Ro did a fantastic job. It will be available on amazon shortly as well as iTunes. In the mean time if you’d like to see it you can rent it and stream it online at 

How I process my deer

Theres many ways to skin a cat but this is how I prefer to process my deer. Often from the time the deer hits the dirt to the time its wrapped in butcher paper and put in the freezer is less then 90 minutes. Some people prefer to age their deer and believe it makes them taste better and be more tender, maybe that is true in some regions where deer are perhaps grain in corn fields or have a much different diet them blackmail/mule deer in CA. I like my deer meat fresh and if there is one thing I know how to do is make a good deer steak. This is the best way I have found to process my deer.

Professional Hunter