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Well it is finally here. The long awaited movie from director Ro Sahebi thats details the encounter I had in the eastern Sierras while bear hunting with a friend.  I am very proud of how this turned out. I felt like Ro did a fantastic job. It will be available on amazon shortly as well as iTunes. In the mean time if you’d like to see it you can rent it and stream it online at 

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  1. I dont believe that “IF” bigfoot actually exsists that it is our long lost cousin in the very false theory of evolution – If it does exsist, it is probably an off shoot of Gigantopithicus to some degree or something like that. And “If” that is the case it could be a predator and possibly could be viewed as dangerous. I have no problem with someone shooting one if there was a real presence of emminent threat – HOWEVER, I do have a problem with leaving a wounded or dying animal out there to suffer. That is unacceptable weather its a Bigfoot – a Deer – or even small game. It is the responsibility of the hunter(s) to track and ultimately find what they shoot at.
    I also have a problem with the fact that he said “It looked like a man in a suit”
    As a hunter, small or large game you NEVER EVER shoot or fire at something that you are not absolutely 110% sure of. Forget that he thought it “might” be a bigfoot – what if it was really a guy in a suit screwing aroung out there – that wouldnt be smart to do around hunters and the person in the suit is a complete idiot with a death wish but again if you are not completely 110% sure of what you are aiming at, then you DO NOT take the shot – even if it is an idiot in a suit!
    Being a hunter myself from South West Pa, and if i was sure that what I was looking at was in fact an animal that posed some sort of threat I would have shot and then spent however long it would have taken to find the injured or dying animal. It’s like C.P.R. you dont ever stop unless you are exhausted and completely spent OR your life or someone elses is in dire jeopardy. If you would have not given up so easily in tracking what you shot, you would not be getting a lot of the flack that you are getting now.
    But still even at that, were you shooting for food? – NO “if” it was a bigfoot you weren’t gonna eat it.
    Were you shooting for fear of your life or emminent danger? – again NO Were you absolutely sure it wasnt a lunatic in a suit with a death wish? – NO again!
    Going out on a limb here but even if you were not looking for food or in fear and shot for validation of it’s exsistence and it wasnt a lunatic in a suit you have a moral obligation to not leave a wounded or dying animal to roam free. So instead of tracking what you shot what did you do – YOU took another shot at an infant or young animal – Where in the name of all that is holy did you ever learn how to hunt? There is no responsibility or maturity in any of your actions if the account was even true.
    There is a right way to do it and a wrong way – even for Validation (which is thin at best) and last but not least, a clear camera shot of the infant – even just 1 pic. There was no rush – you didnt have to take a pic fast and have a chance to miss it – your whole account is either an act of cowardly, irresponsible, immaturity or its a life size piece of swiss cheese with with so many holes in it you might as well call it a mesh screen.
    Whats next, you shoot a 19 year old hang glider and think its a Kongamato, Ropen or Thunderbird?
    If you have an issue with my assessment of this whole thing, then grow some balls and come visit me – i’ll leave the porch light on for ya.

  2. I’ve seen Justin’s interviews before and listened to him on Coast to Coast AM the other day. I’m a skeptic concerning the whole sasquatch phenomenon, but I think the possibility exists. I wanted to say that since I have never had any sort of encounter or heard of definitive proof, of course I want to believe and know they exist. What I’m sure of is Justin should not be allowed to hunt any longer, the fact that he claims to have shot at the supposed creature without knowing what it was shows that he’s nothing more than your typical gun-slinging redneck, this coming from a hunter and avid fisherman and outdoorsman myself. You NEVER shoot what you don’t recognize, that’s hunting 101, I guess with his religious upbringing and lack of television as a child his father forgot to teach him that rule (listen to the Coast interview). Oh, and you never heard of bigfoot because of your upbrining? You grew in Northern California and hunted your whole life…sure…you never heard of it, come on… I actually laughed out loud at that comment. If he was a guide in Alaska, as I know many guides in both the US and Canada, he should never be allowed to guide again either, he’s a disgrace to the lifestyle he so avidly defended on Coast to Coast. Good for you giving food to the needy, I commend you on that, though if sasquatch exists you murdered not only an adult, but in cold blood shot a juvenile, your charity is lost on me due to these actions. I don’t understand even after listening to the interview and his self-embellished justification of the shootings how one could think to shoot a defenseless creature searching, crying, moaning in grief and loss for it’s parent, purposely in the neck, to let it choke on it’s on blood. Imagine that people, imagine your dog, or cat, or whatever animal you love having that done to it, now imagine that being done to your child, niece, nephew, etc. It’s absolutely revolting. Justin, I’ve seen your pictures, it’s your eyes, you don’t look right, there’s a blankness there, you said you’re not good in social situations, it’s because you’re a sociopath. This Ro guy who made the movie sounded like your stereo-typical self-promoting, C list, wannabe Hollywood filmmaker trying to turn a quick buck on this idiot’s story. ‘Oh I believe him 100%, and they exist, I know it, it’s not a matter of believing, I know’, please Ro, we get it, you want people to watch your lame movie. I for one, will not be, the interviews I’ve seen with that mental case Justin is enough for me. I just thought I’d let others that visit this site know that true or hoax, either way you cut this story this Justin guy needs his goddamn head examined and Ro, pick a new topic, there’s enough real scientists out there looking into this possibility, they don’t need another hack job, Swiss cheese story from this clown. Justin, if you’re out hunting and say they exist, and you come upon one again, just remember, you’re on their turf, and there’s more than one, you may not be so lucky to walk away with your life the next time. If they exist, and they have an intelligence similar to ours, you think those juveniles you didn’t brutally murder won’t remember you, your smell, your appearance and want revenge? If I were you I’d keep my country bumpkin ass out of those woods for good. Sorry for the soapbox, I love the possibility and hope they exist but it’s fucknuts like this that ruin any chance of true credibility and exposure.

  3. The one wrinkle in your story that makes it unbelievable——- why didn’t you just go back and dig up the juvenile you claim you shot? Because it never happened that’s why.

  4. This idiot was on C to C and totally embarrassed himself with his explanation for not at least taking a picture, “when do something horrible you don’t want to take a pic of it” now here he is attempting to profit from it, LOL

  5. Total lying wannabe looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Heard him on Coast to Coast and he sounds like a total fraud. The “filmmaker” Ro Sahebi sounds like one of the biggest self promoting liars I have ever heard.

  6. I heard you last night on Coast and my conclusion is that you are nothing but a scam artist. If this incident really happened I would than have to classify you as a sociopath and a danger to society. By the way Fish and game would never take your story so lightly if this really happened.I live in AK and someone shot a bear who had two cubs the Russian River was closed for over a month until they found who shot the bear. Where were you a guide in AK I doubt that too. I would love to report your name to Alaska Sports Fishermen Association to let them know what an asshole you are!

  7. Haven’t watched the video yet, but I do have one question. In the digital age of cameras and camcorders, why no clear photos? Where is a photo of the “dead bigfoot” that was killed? The trailer appears to be a mix of “Blair Witch Project” with a redneck bent. I live in northern California and frequent the isolated mountain areas on occasion. So far I haven’t had the opportunity to run into one of these creatures. Checking out the movie tonight.

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