3 bigfoots caught on film

In 2012 we finally got close to the proof we had been looking for. Many return trips to the site have been made to try to find evidence to support my claim of shooting 2 bigfoots in october of 2010. Well shit hit the fan one night and thanks to lead investigator Bart Cutino we were able to capture 3 sasquatches on film. Here is the break down. Its well worth the watch to understand what really went down that night. 

3 thoughts on “3 bigfoots caught on film”

  1. It seems that all you have to do is leave a grainy video or image of something and you can tell anyone who sees it what it is. Every picture or video we have of a purported bigfoot is taken with a poor camera or bad images just to make sure its blurry enough so people can’t tell what it really is! Even cheap cameras made today can take crystal clear photos.
    (Just my opinion which I’m entitled to)

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